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The report of our journey to England 2000!

Kennel Jubilee - 25 years Cocker Spaniels "vom Oesterreichring"

Funny Stuff and Food for Thoughts

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Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.

Mary Bly; 1826-1860

Interesting news: my question has been answered by Her Majesty, the Queen! If you are interested, click here or visit the official homepage of Britain's Royal Family!

Our new Champions
Big wins for Cocker Spaniels "vom Oesterreichring"!

"How I managed to get my first dog" my story in 3 sequels

In loving memory of two very special old friends:
Hi! Jack of Hilltop & Dearnewood Stars and Stripes My beloved "Niki" died at the age of 16 years, and my father's "Andrew" left us at almost 15 - they will live on in our memory and in their progeny.

New owners of Cocker Spaniels „vom Österreichring“
We are pleased to welcome them in our family!

NEW!!! For all owners of Oering-Cockers around the world: we have our own maillist, please go to my linkpage, or mail me, so that I can send you an invitation, and join us and tell everybody about your experiences and adventures!

Letters of Owners of ÖRing-Cockers

Read about the most amusing adventures of Oliver, Emmanuel and Agador!

A letter from Family Biritz and Sammy Davis!

An this is the letter of Janine Dobler (owner of Kiss me Goodbye v. ÖRing)

International and National Shows in Austria 2004




IHA Graz


ECS: Fr. Dr. J. Szilagy
A. Spaniel Rassen: Fr. H. Kappetjin

KSS Graz


ECS: Fr. H. Kappetjin
A. Spaniel Rassen: Fr. Dr. J. Szilagy

IHA Wieselburg


Hr. P. Berchtold

IHA Salzburg


Hr. P. Sulcek

IHA Oberwart



IHA Innsbruck


Fr. A. Carrasco

IHA Tulln (Bundessiegerschau)


Fr. ML Doppelreiter & Fr. Sandy Platt, GB



Fr. S. Jarmer

IHA Wels


Fr. Mag. Maissen - Jarisch

Spaniel-Obedience-Test 14th of August 1999
Spaniel Obedience Test 19th of August 2000
Spaniel Obedience Test 18th of August 2001
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