***1975 - 2011***
English Cocker Spaniels
"vom ÷sterreichring"
÷KV-Hochzucht - Goldene ZŁchternadel


On Sep. 13th we got a litter by Passepartout vom ÷sterreichring, HD-A, PRA/FN clear out of Vespa vom ÷sterreichring, HD-A, PRA/FN clear: 3 males and 2 females, all blue roan
Gaylord und Gilderoy - 2 very nice, sweet dogs - are still available!
Here are the puppy pics: Welpenfotos 1 - Welpenfotos 2 - Welpenfotos 3


Beauty and St. Niklas
Foto: dog-solutions

We had a very successful year:
Wels 5. 12.: X-Trail CACA, CACIB; Ambrosia Res. CACIB, Beauty best Veteran Cocker, 3rd best Veteran all breeds
A very special success: Day Star wins a first price at the hunting test of our club!
Apollo wins the open class both days with CACA - this makes him Austrian Club Champion!
Oberwart: Day Star vom ÷sterreichring, Best Junior, Apollo RCACIB. 
Bremen: Day Light Best Junior.
Wels CACIB-Schau - Apollo exc.1, CACA OKL, Day Lily 1st in Junior Class parti, Andromeda exc.2, RCACA OKL.
Wels Middle East European Winner Show - Day Star exc.1, best junior, Apollo exc.1, CACA, CACIB, Andromeda exc.2, RCACA.
Wels Centennial Show - Day Star exc.1, best junior, Apollo exc.1, CACA, RCACIB, X-Trail exc.1, CACA.
Day Star is now Austrian Junior Champion!
IHA Tulln (Bundessieger) - Apollo Exc.1, CACA OKL
KLSS Tulln -
Apollo exc.1, CACA OKL, Ambrosia exc.4, Yamaha exc..

 Congratulations to Fam. Rabl, Jonsson, Jeitler, Flicker und Bischof!

Most successful Austrian Cocker Spaniel breeder at the Triple Shows Wels 2009, and the World Show in Vienna 1996! Breeder of the FCI-European Champion (BOB) Euro-Dog Tulln 1999! Breeder of the only Cocker Spaniel bred in Austria, who won BIS in England.