Breeding plans:

December 1st, 2003 Mercedes vom Österreichring, blue roan, RCACA, HD-/+, PRA/Cat. free, whellped 1 orange roan dog and 6 blue roan bitches by Snowstorm vom Österreichring, blue roan/tan, Best Junior in show, Club-CC, HD+, PRA/Cat. free. Puppy pictures are here!

In January 2004 Leading-Light Austrian Beauty, orange roan, German and Austrian Junior Champion, Austrian Club-Champion, Cocker of the year 2003, CACIB, CACA, Clubwinner 2003, HD-/+, PRA/Cat. free, BGH-A will be mated!

The last litters (all the puppies are of course with their proud owners now):

On 15th of January  2003 we had a lovely litter (1 dog, 1 bitch, both blue roan) by Midwinter Einstein, dark blue roan, Best Junior, HD-/+, PRA/Cat. free, out of Gallant Lady of Hilltop, blue roan, HD-free, PRA/Cat. free. Pictures!

My light blueroan Kiss me Kate vom Österreichring, Dt. Jgd. Ch., BGH 1, HD-free, PRA/Cat. free, had a litter on Dec., 1st 2002: 2 males and 4 females - blue and black/white - by the blue roan "Corralet Tango", Multi-Champion, HD-free, PRA/Cat. free. Click here for the pics!

On December 7th, 2001 Dream of Love vom Österreichring, blue roan and tan produced a lovely litter by Lochdene Bagpiper: 6 puppies, 2 orange roan dogs, 1 blue roan and tan dog, 1 blue roan bitch, 2 blue roan and tan bitches. Here you can find lots of photos of the puppies!

On January, 18th, 2002 Xcalibur vom Österreichring, liver roan, whelped to Multi-Champion Francini's Etienne Navarre, blue roan, 4 dogs and 1 bitch, all blue roan. Here are the photos of the little stars!

  My puppies are very much wanted - please, book well in advance!

Certainly I am very happy, when Spaniels bred by me are shown - but the most important feature is a really good place, where they are loved and cuddled!

All puppies from my kennel are of course wormed 3 times, vaccinated against SHL+P and controlled by an excellent Veterinarian (health certificate). All puppies are tattooed and microchipped. They grow up in my house and garden (not in a kennel!). The new owners get a detailed puppy fible, which contains all interesting informations.

Of course I am happy to trim all dogs bred by me without any charge for the first time and show the new owners, how easy it can be to keep their Cocker in top condition all the time.

Certainly I keep in contact with all owners of my dogs - no sorrow is to small, no problem to big, I am always very happy to help them in any situation.

New: Every owner of a Cocker Spaniel "vom Oesterreichring" gets the "ÖRing-Newsletter" three times a year, with a lot of information - and we are on Internet now too! We also have a new email-list (in German) for all owners of Oering-Cockers, as well as an international list (in English) for all friends of Cocker Spaniels! If you want to join, please send me a mail!
Health Tests

Until today more than 70 dogs from my kennel were screened for Hip Displasia and had excellent results enabling them for breeding!

Eye Examinations:
All my breeding stock is examined regularly by licensed vets and they all have permanent (over 7 years of age) or temporary certificates, that they are free from PRA and Cataract.